Future Developments

Continuously In Development

HR Manage is constantly being developed and improved to stay up to date with the latest technology and incorporate best practices and client requests. Although we do plan our releases ahead and assign specific tasks and requests to specific versions, there are some some features that will still take a while and does not have any specific version number or release date linked to it. Some of these items can later be moved to specific target dates if orders for them are received.

Performance Management Module

  • Capturing via Windows interface
  • Manage Processes via Windows Interface

Training Administration

  • Upgrade web user interface to new MVC application
  • Request to join a training event online
  • HR Manage Users to Approve / Reject requests to join training event

3rd Party Integration

Create standard two-way integration with:

  • Adobe eLearning
  • Moodle eLearning

Surveys & Assessments

  • Upgrade to new MVC web application
  • Include as activity in workflow for use in Performance Management and Recruitment & Selection modules
  • Allow manual capturing of survey / assessment results into the system (for paper-based surveys / assessments)
  • Integrate with home page so that employees can view their own completed surveys & assessments

Leave Administration

  • Ability to approve / reject leave applications in a batch online