HR Manage Release – Version

Core Upgrade

With this version, HR Manage will now require the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.1 to be installed on all client and server computers running or hosting the application. This means that Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Internet Explorer 8 will no longer be supported as of this version. The minimum requirements are now Windows Vista SP2 or newer and Windows Server 2008 or newer.

All 3rd party components have been upgraded to the latest versions available.

Employee Management

  • Function to validate if ID Number is valid
  • Simplified the process of terminating employees as Restricted – Not Employable
  • Updated the Employee Editor screen slightly for efficiency
  • Expanded the Linked People functionality.  Leave Approvers, the Leave Applier and Mentor now fall under a list called Linked People with 9 other slots which can be customised for the company.
  • New Custom Defined Fields where administrators can define a number of custom fields that can be captured for each employee.
  • Additional security on employee requirements.  Access to attachments can now be defined per requirement type.
  • Improved Employee Report Wizard with more flexibility and a new report to list employees with all people linked to them
  • Option to link Designated Positions to an employee for recruitment planning purposes
  • Requirement types can now be linked directly to a security group in order to define which users can view which requirement attachments for employees.

Reporting & Exporting

  • New UI for navigating Reporting module
  • Updated TETA Report
  • Updated W&R SETA Report
  • New BBBEE Report
  • Increased security

Program Setup

  • Dependency viewer for Locations. Security will prevent a Location from being set to Inactive while critical dependencies exist.
  • Upgraded UI for navigating program configuration areas.  Whole function was completely redone.
  • Added security to specific areas

Training Administration

  • New Training Collection feature can group multiple interventions into a collection, making it easier to filter and report on specific types of training
  • New Gap Analysis report online.
  • New Training Report Wizard
  • Improved Training Report Wizard with some additional flexibility on reports.
  • Fixed issue when saving an Event where costs pulled through to training records even though user chose not to

Leave Administration

  • Changed the UI on the web a bit to hide certain sections of the New Application page until a valid Leave Type was selected.
  • Date range controls on New Application page works more smoothly where the system automatically prevents the end date being set before the start date (previously only checked on submit).
  • On the Online Leave Reporting page, a textbox was added where the user can enter an Employee Number or Last Name to generate a report only for a specific sub-employee
  • New rule available for configuration on leave type where an application with insufficient leave credits can be rejected automatically and split into two applications.

Custom Workflows

  • From this version, functionality is provided to create custom workflows (not used by performance management or incident reporting) that will be utilised in future versions.
  • These workflows are grouped into categories and sub-categories and will be used in future to schedule a workflow directly to accomplish any number of tasks

Performance Management

Redesigned user interface for the new MVC web application.  More details to follow.