HR Manage Release – Version

Core Upgrades

All 3rd party components have been upgraded to the latest versions and support for SQL Server versions older than SQL Server 2008 has now been officially discontinued. The Workflow system has been improved to support task list activities again and integrated with new Incident Reporting System. The old HR Manage web application is now completely phased out.


  • Each user not linked to any security groups will now automatically have limited access to items from his/her own company, branch, department. i.e. User can report incidents of types / locations linked to his location.
Remember Me function for web application has been fixed
  • The feature will remember your login on the browser for 7 days and the 7 day counter will be reset with each visit.
  • If HR Manage Online hasn’t been accessed in 7 days, user will have to provide login credentials again
Security nag screen
  • If user is using an insecure password, the system will display a nagging popup after each login and prompt the user to enter a more secure password.
Login Attempt log
  • HR Manage will now store each attempted login in a log
  • Can be used to generate a report to see how active specific users are on the system.
  • Can be used to pick up potential abuse by monitoring of failed login attempts

Web Application

General Improvements
  • Performing on-screen actions will now cause a Waiting Popup to appear. This will show that the page is busy and prevent accidental double submissions.
  • HR Manage users can now add, edit and delete notices on the public noticeboard via Program Setup -> Web Modules -> Notices.
Document Publishing
  • Opening a document or attachment will now first attempt to open it in the browser rather than forcing saving it to file. (Only applicable to images and pdf documents)
  • Search function has been added to search the document library online
  • Security is now applied on the server side before returning the requested document. Used for integration with other modules.
  • Folder navigation now uses AJAX for faster, more responsive results

Leave Administration

  • Cancelling a leave application will now send email notifications to all the groups who have already approved the application instead of only to the employee self
  • The grid listing the leave balances has been updated to reflect the balance, number of days requested via leave applications and the New Available Balance
  • The leave balances grid now also shows a blank space instead of 0 for leave types without balances (i.e. Unpaid leave)
  • Fixed an issue when applying for leave on behalf of someone else where list of people who employee can apply leave for, was empty.
New accrual rules for employees engaged mid-month

HR Manage’s default calculation for employees appointed mid-month is to take the number of days left of the month when the employee was appointed and apply that percentage to the monthly entitlement / accrual for the employee. While this is still the default option, HR Manage now has additional options to compensate for custom entitlement based on when the employee was appointed. The month is divided into 5 day intervals and each interval can have one of the following options specified:

  • No accrual
  • Half of normal accrual
  • Full accrual
  • Calculate based on day of month

Thus, a sample rule that can be configured is that anyone appointed before the 10th of the month gets full accrual, anyone appointed between 10th and 20th get half accrual and anyone appointed after the 20th get no accrual.

Performance Management

  • Review Process – Button where user can view the entire planned workflow process
  • Print Employee Performance Review – Entire employee review can now be generated as a printable page that will contain all the ratings and comments of all the people involved in the review
  • Employee self-ratings are now properly calculated, totaled and stored. Previously the informal ratings were only used for record keeping purposes.
  • The Review Report Wizard has been upgraded to the new reporting platform. Two of the results reports now have the option to include the employee ratings on the report.
  • Completed reviews can now be ‘uncompleted’ by HR Manage users

Incident Reporting

This is the main module developed for this version. Upgraded to use the new MVC web application, optimised for all device sizes (laptops, tablets & smartphones) with loads of new features and improvements. It looks great and since clients can design their own theme for their web application, our Incident Reporting System will automatically use the same theme for a familiar look-and-feel.
We’ll be upgrading our Incident Reporting System’s product page soon with detailed information about the module. Here are some of the improvements over the old version:

Target Employee

When reporting an incident, the user can now specify a target employee. Based on the configuration of the reported incident type and location, different people can become involved related to the target employee (i.e. Manager, Supervisor, etc.).

New field types in forms

There are new types of questions available when building custom forms for use in incidents. These custom question types like Date, Date/Time, Time and Number will display special input controls for selecting the date and time from a calendar popup rather than typing text in manually. Proper validation is also done to ensure the correct format of the data received.

Task Lists

Task lists have been greatly improved in version 4.5.
Tasks can now be assigned to positions in the company and the employees holding those positions will be responsible for completing the tasks assigned to them. Direct employee assignment is still possible, but we have great new features planned for linking positions everywhere as an alternative to direct people.
Email notifications now link directly to individual tasks and a list of tasks assigned to each person will now appear on their Incident dashboard.
Tasks can also be completed by the activity’s responsible person on behalf of the task’s assigned person (with a log to show it of course).

Minor Revisions


  • Redesigned the monthly leave run to be more efficient
  • Fixed an issue with the Leave Reporting on the web application due to a bug in a 3rd party component
  • Removed the option to generate leave reports on co-workers via web


  • Fixed a security issue where no users were able to view a published document when linked to a security group
  • On Position Manager, two new columns have been added to assist building organisational charts in Visio.  New fields are:  “Reports To (Position Code)” and “Reports To (Job Title)”.
  • Added new security to determine which employees will be visible in the leave planner / availability calendar that is displayed when applying for leave.